A successful content marketing strategy is possible on any budget, experts say — it just may take a different approach.

Searching the news for the latest content marketing examples can bring up some impressive results, from award-worthy video shorts to photo campaigns and immersive experiences.

But not every company has the time, money, or resources to complete these types of projects.

Fortunately, these campaigns usually can be scaled down and reconfigured in ways that could work for any brand, experts say.

Here are five accessible ideas from marketing experts that businesses can consider using in their own strategies.

1. Become a ‘thought leader’

Companies can leverage their expertise by positioning certain professionals on the team as “thought leaders” in the industry.

Experts suggest that brands evaluate where and how their customers get their information, and pitch topics to these outlets until they get picked up.

Carley Gauthier of Live Nation suggests speaking on a podcast or getting featured in an industry magazine to start building authority for the brand.

2. Create bold, unique messaging

If a company doesn’t have the graphic design talent within their own team, they can find a local designer to help create a certain messaging or style that pops, experts say.

Kelly Grover of Acoustic suggests creating a visually distinct style guide and punchy tagline to drive brand recognition.

Disruptive brands tend to garner more viral spread and organic growth, Grover says.

3. Focus on pain points in the industry

Every industry has certain needs and pain points, experts say. By addressing these needs via content, businesses create something of value and something that can be shared and used throughout the industry.

Noel Ortiz of Aizon suggests publishing a report consisting of results of a homemade industry survey, manager interviews, or trends analysis.

The results can be shared on all channels and promoted via webinar, for example.

4. Be sure to track all results for ROI

No matter what a company’s content marketing budget is, experts say it’s essential to keep track of ROI to discover what’s working and what isn’t.

Then, brands can make more informed decisions on which platforms they should be spending money on.

5. Make valuable content

Experts say the most important factor in content creation for any budget is creating content with value.

Valuable content that positions a brand as the expert will carry a message much farther than content that is hastily thrown together.

Whether it’s through blogging, YouTube videos, or volunteering to speak at events, experts say to make sure the content is of high quality.

If a team lacks the resources to create this type of content, experts say working with a content marketing agency can be a cost-effective way to build tons of quality content backed by research and experience.

In the meantime, businesses can leverage the resources within their own teams to discover which experts are willing to share some of their time and knowledge via content.

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Marissa Beste is a freelance writer with a background in journalism, technology, marketing, and horticulture. She has worked in print and digital media, ecommerce, and direct care, with roots in the greenhouse industry. Marissa digs into all types of content for Kaleidico with a focus on marketing and mortgages.

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