Few things are more challenging than digital marketing in the B2B space. Enterprise software certainly tops the category in audience development difficulty–generating high quality web traffic for multi-million dollar solutions.

Fortunately, Kaleidico loves a challenge. And marketing for Compuware has been an exercise in innovative and integrated digital marketing strategy. In this ongoing engagement, Kaleidico brings to bear its full, multidisciplinary digital marketing agency capabilities.

Content Marketing Strategy & Editorial Execution
Compuware provides a wide range of technology and application performance solutions. Their customer is highly technical and often makes buying decisions in committee, not as individuals. But, we never forget that we’re still marketing to humans.

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This understanding becomes the foundation of our Content Marketing Strategy.

Kaleidico conceived, developed, and continues to manage the InsideTechTalk.com publishing platform. This website is a broad technology publication that attracts a large volume of top-of-the-funnel, targeted web traffic. But, the magic comes in our ability to effectively convert this traffic into a captured audience, for long-term B2B lead nurturing.


Combining email marketing and a strong editorial process, Kaleidico is able to build a loyal and growing community around the Inside Tech Talk and Compuware brand–positioning Compuware as a technology solutions leader.

Paid Content Syndication, Social Media & Google AdWords PPC
Technical solutions beg for content that informs and visualizes complex concepts. Decision makers are constantly seeking to educate themselves on the technology innovation, trends, and opportunities. This is where Kaleidico has strategically developed content marketing campaigns that injects Compuware’s digital content into those decision streams.

A few of the most popular recent video content campaigns:

Content marketing in the B2B market is all about creating broad visibility and diverse content. Your content marketing strategy must reach multiple people, at various levels, within an organization that will be involved in selecting and investing in your complex solution.

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Kaleidico knows the secret to blanketing large areas of the Internet with the perfect content for a variety of decision makers. We are experts at designing content marketing plans that touch lots of people in your target market(s). Kaleidico will get you into your customers research streams.

We love it when your prospective customer bring your content–presentations, white papers, ebooks–to the purchase committee meetings!


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