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Why Kaleidico?

Too often, design agencies think of web design as art. Kaleidico is different. We believe web design and development is business development. That’s why we say, “It isn’t beautiful unless it works beautifully.”

Kaleidico uniquely focuses on designing websites that generate leads. Over the last 15 years, we’ve designed and developed lead generation platforms to grow our clients’ businesses. Our expertise and experience allow us to create web designs and innovative user experiences that maximize customer engagement and lead conversion.

Download Kaleidico’s Web Design and Development Capabilities Brief to review and share with your leadership team our proven strategic process for transforming average websites into lead generation powerhouses.

Incredible Upsides to Most Websites

Too many websites sit idle, online ghosts, that consumers rarely find. Even when they do stumble into many of these neglected sites, they can’t clearly understand what you do and how to engage with your sales process. 

This is often our starting point. 

From here, we turn your business objectives into web designs that generate revenue and grow your business.

Web Design & Development Strategies

Most businesses face one of these four challenges that we can turn into opportunities:

  1. No online lead generation
  2. Hinging all of your revenue goals on your sales team and their activities
  3. Hoping that referrals generate enough business
  4. Trying to generate positive ROI on expensive marketing channels like direct mail, radio, TV, or billboards

These situations can be fertile ground to create incredible new consumer-direct, online lead generation with a better web design.

Web Design Strategy Framework

Many businesses are overly dependent on their sales team. 

If you want to blow the lid off your growth, you need to create a marketing lead generation system to feed your sales process.

Kaleidico’s web design and development framework has been developed over the past 15 years, in good and bad markets. 

  • Deep dive and custom strategy development – Every business is unique. Kaleidico takes the time to understand your unique positioning and leverage that in our strategies
  • Lead generation focused web design – Your website should be the source of your most powerful and economically efficient sales. Our experienced design team gets you there. 
  • Audience development – All Internet leads flow from your visibility and positioning in online channels. Our expertise in PPC, SEO, content marketing, and email marketing gets you noticed and grows your brand awareness.
  • Conversion rate optimization – Getting consumers to see your brand and visit your website is expensive. That’s why we spend so much time focused on conversion. We specialize in squeezing every dollar of revenue possible out of your marketing budget. 
  • Tight sales process integration – If there is a secret sauce to our framework, it’s our insistence on tight integration and a feedback loop with your sales process. When we deliver a lead, we want to help you generate immediate wins. So, we dig in with your sales team to make sure you get great leads, and those leads are getting exceptional follow-up and follow-through.

Web Design Elements & Strategies

Brand Strategy

Every marketing plan we design is built to position you for the long-term. We want to give you a strategy that grows your business in booms and sustains you (and gains market share) during inevitable recessions.

This is why Brand Strategy is a part of every one of our web design and marketing engagements.

Audience Development

We do more than drive fleeting web traffic. We develop marketing strategies that grow and capture audiences that are familiar and loyal to your brand. 

Every Google Ads, SEO, content marketing, social media, and email marketing campaign layers on positive impressions in the market. 

Capturing audiences generates referrals, makes sales more effortless and stocks the pond for leaner times. 

Lead Generation

We don’t do anything without asking, “how does this generate a sales lead.” This is our ultimate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and business objective.

Sales Process

Since we generate sales leads for a living, we must be tightly integrated with your sales process.

Kaleidico requires that every lead goes into your CRM, and lead allocation and initial allocation are automated. 

We’ll assist you with this, but in our experience, this is critical to maximizing your return on advertising spends – we don’t want you to waste a single dollar.

Proven Design Experience in All Kinds of Markets

You’re not going to find a more experienced design and marketing team. Bill Rice and the Kaleidico team have been designing and developing lead generation websites since 2000! 

We’ve built websites that generate leads during bull markets, pivoted during the “financial crisis,” and created new and innovative online businesses during the current economic boom. 

We are unmatched digital marketing veterans.

Proven Process Yields Consistent Results

Our web design and lead generation process has been refined and perfected in good and bad markets from 2005 to the present.

Kaleidico’s digital marketing savvy team combines highly experienced strategists, exceptional web and user experience design, disciplined software development, and data-driven Content, SEO, PPC, and email marketing tacticians.

This combination of a proven process and experienced digital marketing team yields consistent lead generation results.

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