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Working from home can be the perfect setting for most people, but at the same time, it can be difficult for those of you who have clicked on this article to seek advice on how to stay productive.

It’s perfectly understandable that you can get distracted when you work from home. You have food at your discretion, you can turn on the TV anytime you want, or blast music as loud as you can.

But procrastination isn’t good either. After all, who else is going to do all of your work?

If you took a break to read this article, then it’s OK. But after you’re done reading it, you should really get back to work.

How to avoid distractions when you’re working from home

  • Don’t mix your personal space with your working area – This means that it’s a bad idea to be working in a room where there’s a TV. Same goes for the kitchen or any other room where you can always find something that needs to be cleaned or eaten. 
  • Stick to a schedule that works for you – If you’re working from home, then you’re probably able to choose your own working hours. If you stick to a schedule, the chances of wasting too much time on your tasks will be close to zero. You should choose your working hours based on when you’re most productive.
  • Stay away from online distractions  We all love Facebook and Twitter – or doing basically anything other than working. StayFocused is a really nice tool that will block any website of your choice for as many hours as you want. So even if you’d want to check the newest updates from Facebook, you couldn’t.
  • Develop a morning ritual – Even if you’re not going anywhere, you should still wake up with that idea. I mean you could totally go to the nearest supermarket to buy some food or grab a cup of coffee from the nearest coffee shop. Then, you can return home thinking that you’re coming to work. 
  • Take regular breaks  Not taking a break from time to time is the killer of productivity. Go outside for a few minutes, look out the window and make a phone call or an omelet. Whatever you feel like doing or what would make you feel relaxed, do it. Afterwards, you will be ready to go back to work.
  • Buy ergonomic furniture  Companies spend tremendous amounts of money on desk furniture for a really good reason: It’s a really good investment that contributes to the productivity of the employees. Imagine this: How productive would you be if you’d have to be working from home all day in a chair that hurts your back, or sit at a desk that makes you hunch over? Sitting for a few hours in a bad chair will negatively affect your health over time.

Don’t stand in the way of your productivity

Now that you know what you have to do in order to be productive when you’re working from home, the only thing left to do is put these tips into practice.

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