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You Google everything. So does your customer. But, the only way to get that searching customer is with SEO. That’s what gets you popping up in their searches.

Kaleidico does SEO that gets you into more searches, driving you more traffic, and generating more sales leads and revenue.

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SEO is kind of an Internet ancient art. From the moment that Google shifted the balance of website discovery and navigation from Internet directories (Do you remember Yahoo! and DMOZ?) to Internet search, marketers have been optimizing for rankings.

SEO has always been a bit mysterious art because Google is constantly changing the rules and no one really knows exactly what gets you to #1.

However, one thing is for certain in the game of SEO – those who analyze the market, create quality content that serves customers, optimize that content so that it is easy for Google and customers to understand, and test, test, test always get more traffic.

Kaleidico has been doing just that for over 13 years.

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Here is how we get your website into a position to attract new customers.

Website Audit

Kaleidico starts with a comprehensive SEO analysis of your current website. Most websites have some inherent SEO profile and it’s important to understand what, if anything, you can leverage to get more traffic faster. It’s also important to inventory anything that is holding Google back from loving your website.

Competitive Marketplace Analysis

Your website is one of the millions in an enormous ecosystem that Google is continually crawling, analyzing, and ranking your web pages against. If you want to win this daily competition you need to understand the landscape.

Kaleidico uses a variety of tools, data, and expertise to determine how you stack up against the competition and exactly where your best opportunities exist.

Keyword Research

Once we have a complete map of the battlefield, it’s time to select our best weapons – the right keywords.

SEO Keyword research is where art, science, and experience come together to give you an advantage in the marketplace. Most SEO consultants can get your website to rank for search keywords. The trick is ranking for the right keywords, meaning the searches where customers are looking for services you offer or products you sell.

Kaleidico carefully considers each keyword we put into our SEO plan for your website. We want to make sure that any keyword we expend time and money to get you in a ranking position for is a search that will bring you a potential customer.

Information Architecture

Once we have our target keywords, it’s critical to construct a logical framework that assists customers and Google in finding exactly what they’re searching for.

This is an often overlooked part of the SEO process. Many people simply look at keywords and content as one-off tactics. This can get you some wins for sure. But, big time traffic and lead generation happen when you create depth and density in keyword clusters.

An expertly constructed information architecture can yield this powerful result.


SEO is a discipline that requires testing, optimization, and continual improvement. This process begins by implementing a baseline SEO plan and then monitoring the results.

As we mentioned before, Google doesn’t publish the rulebook so you have to probe the black box, see how it responds, and then adjust.

Monitor Traffic & Rankings

Once we’ve implemented your SEO plan the real work begins.

Google is constantly changing how they present and rank websites in their search engine results pages (SERPs), in their own effort to optimize their own user experience. That, of course, means we have to constantly be on our toes for changes that hurt us and give us new opportunities.

Monitoring your website’s traffic and keyword ranks are essential to detecting and reacting appropriately to those changes.

Each month we will be reviewing this monitoring and analytics with you to determine the next steps in growing your traffic and leads.

Testing & Refinement

From our monitoring and analysis will come a continual flow of recommendations and new campaign ideas. Each of these will be converted into a test and either refined into an ongoing SEO strategy or discarded as ineffective.

Content Creation

Content is essential to every step in the SEO process. After all your whole goal is to get as many pieces of content as possible to rank for as many keywords as possible. That starts with creating compelling content for customers and search engines.

However, one of the key Kaleidico differentiators is that we carefully craft each piece of content to serve a very specific purpose in the customer, and consequently the user search, journey. This makes sure that you are getting the maximum return on each piece of content that we create.

Reporting & Optimization

Everything we do is tracked and reported to measure the wins and losses. This is super critical in the SEO business. You’re going to have both, but you need to when you’re winning and losing and make sure that you’re making the right moves to net grow your business.

Kaleidico will make sure that you’re informed and part of guiding the strategy every single month. Always making sure that we’re tracking with your business objectives.

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