The phrase, cold calling, tends to strike fear into the hearts of most business owners, particularly if you are not already trained in this form of marketing. It is an undeniably successful way of promoting a product or service, but it has many pitfalls. Namely, marketers struggle with contact rates, as well as the overall premise of cold calling.

If you are interested in expanding your business through this type of marketing, there are a few things that you need to know ahead of time. If you feel at all uncomfortable or unsure about your campaign, it will show. In many cases, it is best to hire a professional telemarketing center to assist you, particularly if you don’t have the time, resources or simply the drive to get the job done on your own.
Let’s start with some common mistakes and how to overcome them.

Cold Calling Jitters

Even those who have been in marketing for years can shrivel up at the prospect of having to call thousands of leads. It’s easy to get tripped up by this fear, and this in turn leads to failure. Cold calling is powerful, but it should not be abused, or ignored. Here’s how to strike the balance.

1.    Offer something of incredible value that you honestly believe in. The secret to cold calling success is having a product or a service that you can really get behind. The enthusiasm will show in your voice, and that in turn will help that consumer warm to your pitch.

2.    Practice, Practice, Practice. You need to practice your pitch until it is completely memorized and flawless. Try it out on family and friends first, and see how they react. Take the time to change what isn’t working. The benefit to this extra work is that it won’t sound like you’re “reading” your pitch on the phone, and you’ll have that ingrained confidence that will help you sell your product.

Increase Contact Rates

Next, let’s focus on how to get people to listen to that great pitch that you just spent hours perfecting. Keep in mind that you’re not always going to be able to meet your goals, and there are certain times of the day when you may fall flat on your face. The key is testing and figuring out what time period and what days work best for the product you are selling.

Always follow the FCC rules for telemarketing and never attempt to break them, the consequences are harsh. You’ll improve your contact rates if you stay within the provided time schedule and avoid calling those who are on a do not call list.

One of the realities of telemarketing is that you will get people who will hang up on you. Don’t take it personally. For every ten that do, you’ll have one person that is ready to hear what you have to offer. You’re working for that person – for that sale. The key is perseverance, dedication and above all, believing that you can do it.

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