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Redesign website to reflect law firm’s talent

Creative Brief:

HSPRD is a Chicago law firm bursting with talented attorneys across a broad spectrum of legal practice areas. Yet, their website reflected a severe lack of sophistication, limited visibility of this legal talent, and impossible to discover the breadth of their practice areas.

Kaleidico’s experienced law firm web design team went to work redesigning HSPRD’s neglected website to match their reputation as a top Chicago law firm. 

We started with a Brand Strategy engagement. Through this process, we collaborated with HSPRD to develop and document a true brand position and created a Brand Guide for successful and consistent brand implementation. With this foundation, Kaleidico used our expertise and proven law firm design patterns to quickly position and launch into an online marketplace where they had previously struggled to gain traction.

Showcase Attorney Talent and Practice Areas

Our Approach

Kaleidico brings a deep understanding of legal marketing. Our law firm web design and development expertise is the product of decades of experience creating lead generation websites for the legal industry.

Despite our experience and expertise in design and development, we still know that every law firm brings a unique set of legal expertise and positioning to the marketplace. For this reason, we take a disciplined and collaborative approach with each law firm. We want to ensure that our design reflects your unique value proposition.

From this deep dive into your business objectives and positioning, we leverage our expertise in lead generation and user-experience design to deliver a website that performs – generating cases and growth for your law firm.


Great websites and brands start with positioning. Where do you uniquely fit in the legal market? How does your firm differentiate itself from a sea of competitors? What kinds of cases do you want to generate for your own practice and what cases might you want to refer to other firms? These are the questions that drive our brand positioning process.

In the case of HSPRD, we had the challenge of presenting a law firm that has a unique position with depth and breadth of talent and practice areas to position itself in several legal markets.

Our web design created an engaging and easy to navigate user experience that would equally serve niche practices, like immigration law and at the same time broader legal needs like personal injury. Our design seamlessly showcases an army of attorney profiles and a diverse set of practice areas.

hsprd website homepage


Too many websites are elegantly designed, but simply don’t contribute to case generation. This common situation is why we always say, “It’s not beautiful unless it works beautifully.”

Kaleidico’s web design and development process are exceptional (and always a positive ROI) because we leverage our proven lead generation design best practices. We design from design patterns that have already produced thousands of leads for our other law firm clients.

hsprd website practice areas


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