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Redesign brand to match law firm’s excellence

Creative Brief:

Too often law firm brands are left neglected, a hasty jumble of partner names. 

As the firm grows in strength and prestige the brand continues to lag behind, like a barnacled anchor hanging off a glistening luxury yacht. In a digital-first legal marketplace, your brand must be exceptional to stand out against a crowded and often undifferentiated list of competitors.

This was HSPRD, an exceptional Chicago law firm full of top-shelf legal talent and a broad breadth of legal practices with an incongruent brand image.

Designing a Sophisticated Brand

Our Approach

To create a successful brand, we start by understanding everything we can about the firm – what they do, how they work, who are their clients, why they do it. With that knowledge we establish where they can position themselves in the legal market, to really differentiate the law firm and create a differentiated place in the market.

We apply this info into themes – making sure brand strategy, messaging, and visuals are all working together.

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Practicing law is a complex art that has to be performed with excellence and precision. Clients need to see these characteristics in your brand and your digital presence. In a digital-first environment, clients are no longer experiencing your legal successes and exceptionalism as marked by your glass and mahogany accented law offices.

You must bring these powerful effects to the web.

This is what we seek to accomplish with each new law firm brand we create – evoking power, confidence, and assured success.

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Many law firm brands were designed with letterhead and envelopes in mind.

Now, they must go beyond these static presentations. They will be stretched and pulled from large and wide desktop monitors to small and narrow smartphone screens. They will be stuffed into little square icons on social media. They will be digitally watermarked on electronic documents.

Yet, they still need to be beautifully laser etched on glass, turned into building facades, presented on billboards, and displayed powerfully on the partner’s golf bag or favorite putter’s cover.

Kaleidico’s expert designers understand how to take their design beyond a simple logo image file and into the broad world of legal advertising.

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