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One of my BizSugar friends, Susan Oakes of Marketing for Business Success, took me to task for my use of Expert in 8 Ways to Become an Expert in Internet Marketing. Our discussion, available here on BizSugar, centered on whether being an expert is necessary in all cases.

Her question really got me thinking.

The answer is obvious. Of course not. In fact, in many cases (maybe even most) the biggest successes are not experts. They are doers.

Unfortunately, I see far too many ideas never started or fizzle in failure because of attempts at expertise. (Secret: I’ve been handed defeat many times because of this).

Think about your own goals…

  • How many blog posts did you not write?
  • How many conferences have you not attended?
  • How many people have you not called?
  • How many prospects have you not engaged?
  • How many heroes have you not reached out to meet?
  • How many email lists have you not started?
  • How many eBooks have you not written?
  • How many books have you not written?
  • How many businesses have you not started?
  • How many ideas have you not tried?
  • How many adventures have you not pursued?
  • How many times have you convinced yourself to quit?

…all because you weren’t the expert?

Here’s my final thought (one I try to remember):

Expertise is rarely necessary for success. Doing always is.

What do you think? Do you have to be an expert?

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