Post Call Evaulation Tips

Understanding Why Calls Worked and Why They Didn't is Key to Increasing Sales.

Part of increasing sales performance is ensuring that calls are being made properly. The post call evaluation is a method that is used in order to ensure that the calls are going the way that they should be. This is an integral part of the process. Here are some sales tips that you can use in order to improve sales performance by properly utilizing post call evaluations.

Keeping Dibs with Evaluations

Obviously, the information that you gather should be put to proper use. By evaluating which calls were successful and which were not, it is possible to determine the behaviors and strategies that separate a successful sale to a lost one. Once this is determined, it  makes it possible to evaluate a call and determine how it could be done better. This way, you can give advice to a salesman on how to improve their performance.

Call evaluation does not need to be high tech. This can help in some cases, but some sales performance evaluation and call monitoring is better than none. A simple spreadsheet is all you need in order to take note of things that are missing from a call.

Remember that call evaluation should not be designed to catch sales staff doing something wrong. The process should be dynamic, and include feedback. It should be just as beneficial for the sales staff as for the customers. The process should include feedback from the staff, and they should play a genuine part in the decision making process.

Experienced Evaluators are Vital

It is worth the effort to make sure that the call evaluation is being performed by somebody who is highly skilled. There is a difference between somebody who can tell exactly what a caller needs to change in order to improve sales, and somebody who mindlessly checks a list of requirements. It might be a good idea to hire somebody who is extremely good at sales to be in charge of the monitoring process.

In order to measure the effectiveness of the sales techniques you are using, it is important to compare the effectiveness with your competitors. If you only gauge success internally, you will get a distorted picture of how successful given techniques really are.

When a call goes extraordinarily well, it should be saved. This can be used as a training tool. Nothing gets across what a good call sounds like as much as hearing one take place. This is the only way to truly understand how the process works.

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