Podcast: The Importance of Empathy in Work

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Episode 13: The Importance of Empathy in Work

Work almost always involves collaborating with people and organizations that have competing priorities and objectives from your own, but you need to create alignment with them to get your own goals accomplished. How do you do this? Empathy.

Welcome/Intro (1 min) – Bill
Segment 1: Small Talk (2 min) – Bill
Segment 2: (10 min)

Be inquisitive about your collaborator’s world
Spend a little time learning your collaborator’s domain
Take the time to write it up
Try to breakdown projects and tasks into bite size inputs
Make getting what you need as easy as possible for your collaborator

Segment 3: Biggest challenge or rabbit hole of the week? (5 min)

MC: Integrations and Tools

Segment 4: Hottest trending marketing topic of the week? (5 min)
MC: I don’t have one for this week. No more trending topics! 😉


Segment 5: Week’s Top Recommendation (2 min):
MC: Radical Candor. Your default position should always start with you.


Outtro: Play out