Podcast: Sales & Marketing Collaboration

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Episode 17: Sales & Marketing Collaboration

Description: Sales and marketing, a phase that is used more often than practiced. However, when they are tightly integrated incredible value is unlocked. This week Mike and I talk about strategies to get your marketing team working closer with sales and harvesting some of the easiest revenue in your organization–sales sitting inside of your CRM system.

Welcome/Intro (1 min) – Bill
Mike Carroll is back! We’ve both been running some crazy schedules between Mike’s new role as head of growth at Nutshell and my (much more fun) extended vacation to the Mediterranean.

Mike also reveals a big announcement, but you have to listen to get the details.

Segment 1: Small Talk (2 min) – Bill

Segment 2: (10 min)
Sales collateral
Sales automation
Buyer personas
Lead nurturing campaigns
Drip email campaigns
Developing lead scoring
Marketing the sales team expertise
Create collaborative KPIs
Analyze and manage together
Smash up cultures

Segment 3: Biggest challenge or rabbit hole of the week? (5 min)

Segment 4: Hottest trending marketing topic of the week? (5 min)

Segment 5: Week’s Top Recommendation (2 min):
Video content

Outtro: Play out