Podcast: Losing a Key Employee

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Episode 11 Shownotes: Losing a Key Employee

Welcome/Intro (1 min) – Bill

Segment 1: Small Talk (2 min) – Bill

Segment 2: Losing a Key Employee (10 min)

Background: So we lost a key employee. Talk through this in a positive way, but talk about the situation and why things like this happen. I want to keep everything positive, but talk about real issues too – if that makes any sense.

What we learned:

  • Work is very personality and relationship driven – especially in the agency business
    • Some clients will take advantage of transitions
    • Some clients won’t like the new personalities and approaches
  • It’s hard to truly download and transition a key employees’ work
    • You have to blow a lot of stuff up and start over
  • It’s true: Turn any crisis into an opportunity
    • A great time to get organized
    • A great time to re-engage and survey clients on their experience
    • A great time to refine you internal processes and workflows
  • The team will be affected
    • That’s okay
    • Focus on the agency and get the team to form a stronger cultural connection the organization
    • Try to make their jobs better – easy pressure, improve processes, provide top cover from clients bad behavior

What we changed and will do in the future to minimize impact:

  • Improve team’s work environment and daily workflow
  • Start to build stronger culture
  • Give your clients a more consistent process and delivery

Segment 3: Biggest challenge or rabbit hole of the week? (5 min)
MC – Learning how to let go when you’ve left a beloved team, at some point your presence hurts more than helps.
BR – If you are a manager, learn to make teaching a big part of your day

Segment 4: Hottest trending marketing topic of the week? (5 min)
MC: Qualaroo, Surveying, and responding to your customers needs with personalization in communication.

Segment 5: Week’s Top Recommendation (2 min):
MC – Sign up for Customer.io’s emails – they know email!
BR – Build templates for everything you do

Outtro: Play out