Podcast: Crank Up Your Customer LTV

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Episode 12: Crank Up Your Customer LTV

Description: Marketing has a distinct role to play, alongside the product team, to create a better post purchase customer experience to increase the LTV of your customers.

Welcome/Intro (1 min) – Bill

Segment 1: Small Talk (2 min) – Bill

Segment 2: (10 min)

  • SaaS – Adoption and retention is a much a marketing challenge as it is a product one
  • There’s no one better to inform your marketing than customers who bought what you’re selling
  • Teach them how to use your product or service – ongoing engagement
    • Make them an evangelist
  • Totally happy customers not only stay customers they make more customers – referral marketing starts with delivering a superior customer experience

Segment 3: Biggest challenge or rabbit hole of the week? (5 min)
MC: Freelancers. Hiring, prepping, engaging, getting a good result, managing the ROI, and more, much, much more.

Segment 4: Hottest trending marketing topic of the week? (5 min)
MC: Surveys and how to use them. Not a “trending topic” but a hot one this week in my world

Segment 5: Week’s Top Recommendation (2 min):

MC: PC Gaming – take a break, treat yourself. (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

Outtro: Play out