Paid Media Marketing Services

Driving qualified traffic can be a challenging and try your patience if you need sales sooner than later. Pay-Per-Click marketing can be a powerful shortcut to get your website and content into prominent placement within search results or popular websites—helping you to generate sales leads more quickly.

Kaleidico’s PPC consultants are experienced on a variety of paid media platforms from search engines to content distribution platforms. This gives you more opportunities to quickly get in front of just the right audience.

Our paid media specialist can design and execute a paid media marketing program that increases the visibility of your business and gains you ideal placements where your target market hangs out online.

PPC marketing strategies typically use one or more of the following advertising platforms:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Remarketing
  • Bing Ads
  • Other Search Network Advertising
  • Other Display Network Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Reddit Ads (Great for more technical markets)
  • Content Distribution Platforms (e.g., Outbrain, Taboola, Disqus, Stumbleupon)

Kaleidico’s paid media specialist will help you:

  • Research and selection of target keywords
  • Creating new ad campaigns and creative
  • Develop and implement relevant remarketing campaigns
  • Review and restructure existing PPC campaigns
  • Measure, monitor, and optimize ongoing campaigns
  • Make your paid advertising campaigns easy, hassle free, and effective

Every business is unique; with unique goals, customers, and priorities. Kaleidico gets this and that’s why we offer customized paid media programs to fit your business and budget.

Who we can serve:

  • Small business
  • Medium-sized business
  • Large business

Introduce us to your business and we’ll review your website or business plan and make initial SEO recommendations—for free!