Bill Rice

Bill Rice is the founder and CEO of Kaleidico. He is blessed to have built a platform, in Kaleidico, that remarkably talented and creative people can serve our clients with amazing feats of digital marketing results. Kaleidico’s unique approach is a reflection of Bill’s passion for observing, studying, teaching, and leveraging the sociology of the Web to bring clients’ visions to life.

Things you might learn over beers: Bill used to hunt down spies in a former life. That’s really all he’ll say unless you buy him another beer, but that might jeopardize your life.

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About Kaleidico

Kaleidico is an award-winning, premier digital agency based in the Detroit-metro area of Michigan. In business for nearly 15 years, we have supported top brands in the US and Canada with digital strategy, web design, development, SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and email marketing.

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