Kill Negativity in Sales Conversations

Kill Negativity in Sales Conversations

Negative words kill sales.

My guess is that you have enough objections to deflect without introducing new challenges. Of course you’re not doing it on purpose, but they have a tendency to slip into our sales discussions all the same.

Surprisingly, most negative words come from your own mindset. And the last thing you want is negativity entering into the mix when you are trying to open the door with new prospects.

Striking negative words from sales discussions probably means restructuring your mind, your behavior, and how you respond to the prospect’s own negative vibe.

Have Confidence in Yourself

Nothing is more important to crushing negative words than your own self-confidence. Sales people that are comfortable and confident in themselves, their products, their services, and their company are the most likely to deliver sales.

You need to be committed to the fact that you are the reason your product or service will sell.

Product development and marketing has taken you as far as they can. Now it is all about you and you should be excited you have the ball. When you look around your sales floor you need to be thinking like the star of the basketball team–if we need to hit a goal, I need to be the one with “the rock.”

If you have confidence that you can get the sale it will be very hard to turn your conversation negative.

Visualize Positive Results

Most star athletes talk about the positive effects of visualize on their amazing performances.

Sales is no different. If you practice and visualize what it takes to get results, then it’s guaranteed to happen more frequently.

Go into every sales conversation with a clear visual of path you need to take to get the sale. Again, this will make it hard to throwing up negative barriers with this picture in your head. Even with the prospects throws objections and negativity at you it will be much easier to overcome them and get back on track.

Smile When You Present

This may sound like a silly trick, but it works. Pause from reading this for a moment and try it. Smile. Now, try to have a negative conversation. Both your tone and your words will adjust with a smile on your face.

And don’t think this is just for face-to-face sales encounters. Your smile plays through very powerfully on the phone as well.

Avoid Negative Influences

In my experience, this is the top killer of a good sales person–a negative entourage. They don’t just introduce a negative mindset and vocabulary, they drag down your whole outlook. You can’t see hope or positive outcomes.

Rid yourself of these people and you will see an immediate increase in your sales–guaranteed.

Negative words kill sales. The good thing is that negative words are most likely more the result of your mind and environment, not any weakness in your vocabulary.

Get positive and your words will follow. (So will sales!)

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