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Mortgage marketing for mortgage branches

Creative Brief:

River City Mortgage, a traditional Midwest mortgage lender with multiple branches, was looking to grow its online mortgage marketing and consumer-direct mortgage lead generation.

River City Mortgage had unsuccessfully worked with other marketing agencies, but they never had the mortgage lending expertise to be effective. Kaleidico, with over 15 years of deep mortgage marketing experience, was a refreshing contrast. We came turn-key with proven strategies to generate mortgage leads quickly. No need for hand-holding or educating. We were able to immediately jump into crafting strategies and tactics to increase mortgage lead flow.

Our initial mortgage lead growth plan focused on three areas: sales process improvement, tactical website conversion optimization opportunities, and new traffic generation strategies to grow their online presence in the communities their branches serve and attract the customers they can best help.

Marketing for Mortgage Branches

Our Approach

Mortgage lending, especially those based on branches, is generally a business built on face-to-face relationships and personal networks.

COVID-19 has forced a change in how we do mortgage lending. Like many other businesses, mortgage branches are going virtual. At the same time, the real estate and mortgage refinancing markets are heating up.

River City Mortgage saw this as the perfect opportunity to add a digital marketing strategy, and Kaleidico was uniquely positioned and experienced to lead this transformation.


Kaleidico’s first step was to collaborate with River City Mortgage to understand their business objectives in this shifting market. Our discovery sessions and deep dives into their current sales and marketing processes led us to a four-part mortgage marketing strategy:
Sales process optimization and automation,
Tactical website redesign and conversion rate optimization for immediate impact,
In parallel, a full redesign of their makeshift website that needed to be repositioned for consumer-direct versus branch operations,
Initiation of a mortgage content strategy, and
Coordinate each of these tactics to generate more online mortgage leads quickly.


Like most mortgage lenders, River City’s sales processes, automation, and CRM systems had room for improvement.

Kaleidico’s mortgage industry experience, once again, added immediate value. With a broad knowledge of mortgage CRM options, like Velocify, Total Expert, Cimarron, Ricochet 360, Purple Dot, and Nutshell, we could jump in and make recommendations on how to best optimize their solution to increase lead to closed loan pull-through.


River City Mortgage needed a website redesign but also wanted to begin immediately generating mortgage leads.

To serve this prioritization goal and at the same begin building a website lead generation platform for the future, Kaleidico redesigned highly-optimized landing pages and progressive mortgage lead forms for key loan programs, like FHA Streamline, VA IRRRL, and conventional mortgages.

These customizations created a streamlined way for homeowners to quickly request refinance quotes and home buyers to get pre-approvals – generating a high-quality mortgage lead for River City Mortgage branches and loan officers.


River City Mortgage, like most mortgage lenders, had no real in-house SEO and content creation. Understandable – production is the top priority!

River City’s speed and growth made it very difficult to write and publish high-quality content for customers consistently, much less cultivate an SEO strategy to the position that content on the first page of popular Google searches.

Kaleidico lives and breathes mortgage SEO and content creation. As a result, we quickly and efficiently structured an information architecture for their website and an editorial calendar to rapidly create content and start attracting lead generating web visits.


Ultimately the goal of any mortgage marketing engagement is to generate mortgage leads.

In the case of River City Mortgage, they had a strong sales culture, lots of hustle, and we’re just looking for an additional channel to grow and expand their mortgage branches nationally.

Kaleidico put together a lead generation program with a diverse set of digital channels – organic, SEO, and content marketing; paid, using Google Ads, and lead nurturing, using email marketing.


Increase in mortgage leads
Increase in direct mail conversions
Growth in web traffic

Scope of Work

Web Traffic Growth

Content Marketing

Mortgage Lead Generation

Google Ads
Website Design & Development

Lead Conversions

Landing Page Optimizations

Contact Headline

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