Revealed: How Mortgage Lead Generation Works

Bill Rice’s (Kaleidico’s CEO) exclusive report walks you through how the complex and confusing world of online mortgage lead generation works.

In this detailed 20 page report, Bill gives you insights into this ecosystem from fifteen years worth of experience working with and inside of lead providers’ system of generation mortgage leads.

Here are a few of the topics we cover that will assist you in being a better lead buyer:

  • Lead Providers – We discuss the different types, the experiences that consumers have with each, the strengths and weaknesses of the various types, and strategies and tactics to effectively work the different types of mortgage leads provided
  • Traffic Providers – Often lumped in with lead providers, this is a different product that requires different things from your organization to be successful.
  • Lead Nurturing – How to get more ROI from each mortgage lead you purchase with an effective lead nurturing program.
  • Branding & Loyalty – How to turn your purchase mortgage leads into YOUR customer, not the lead provider’s or some other aggressive call center operation.

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