Lead Generation Services

Modern businesses run on web leads. But, as they say, “It’s not as easy as it looks.” And there’s nothing more daunting than waiting, hoping for prospects to materialize.

Kaleidico can help you take control of your business destiny.

Our inbound marketing specialist can design a custom lead generation program that will start filling your CRM and ringing your phone. Our integrated online strategies will help your prospects find you by:

  • Leveraging and/or optimizing your website
  • Reviewing and tuning your SEO to acquire more traffic
  • Designing sales funnels and conversion paths to generate leads

Our lead generation process generally begins with reviewing and leveraging your existing web presence. Our objective is to find the shortest path to generating or increasing your sales lead flow. Having accomplished this initial success we then begin to build a larger, more scaleable lead generation strategy.

Lead generation programs designed by Kaleidico often follow this pattern:

  • Initial Business Consultation and Website Review
  • Keyword and Competitor Research and Analysis
  • Market Research and Content Review
  • Create an Audience Development Strategy
  • Develop an Integrated SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing Strategy
  • Integration and Optimization of Lead Capture and Nurturing Using Your Business’ Preferred Marketing Automation and/or CRM
  • Regular Review and Analysis of Performance Metrics

Prospects inquiry (i.e., become sales leads) when your website delivers a great user experiences and the information they need to begin making a decision. Kaleidico designs and executes content and email marketing strategies that give prospects and search engines what they’re looking for and compels them to contact you for more information.

Every business is unique; with unique goals, customers, and priorities. Kaleidico gets this and that’s why we offer customized lead generation services to fit your business and budget.

Who we can serve:

  • Small business
  • Medium-sized business
  • Large business

Introduce us to your business and we’ll review your website or business plan and make some preliminary recommendations—for free!