Infographic Marketing Strategy


Are you considering infographic marketing as a new component to a larger content marketing strategy?

A quick survey of the Internet will confirm that this is a very trendy approach. And although piling in on a trend is not always a good thing, the Web is very clearly becoming a more visual environment. As a result, there is no argument that infographics and data visualization is a solid content marketing strategy.

Don’t take our word for it though. Do this quick confirming test: The next time you’re browsing the Web or playing with your smartphone take note of what catches your attention and, more importantly, what gets your click.

These are the behaviors that are generating an amazing demand for infographics and other types of data visualizations. However, I’m seeing a lot of confusion over how to turn a beautiful visualization into a marketing campaign–a Web traffic generation campaign.

Let dig into this challenge…

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How to Use Infographics to Generate Web Traffic

The biggest misconception with infographics is that great design is all that’s required to make this content marketing strategy work.

Certainly the skilled weaving of design and data into an effective story or illustration is critical. However, the most important part of turning infographics into effective marketing material is getting them into the path of your intended audience.

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What will you learn in this ebook?

  1. How to give your infographic purpose – design with a specific strategy and audience in mind.
  2. Identifying the right audience – target exactly to communities that are most likely to contain customers.
  3. Researching concept and data trends – ensure your research approach is credibile and unique.
  4. Specific places to find compelling stats – learn where the best pockets of data live on the Web.
  5. How to weave design and data into a story – go beyond simple design and become a storyteller.
  6. Give your infographic maximum exposure! – get very specific tactics to get your infographic seen and shared.

Learn to uses infographics to generate targeted–lead generating Web traffic. Ensure that you’re creating infographic marketing campaigns that give you the fast ROI you need.

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