This is the Era Where Everyone Creates

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“Hey you, come ‘ere, get up. Ahh, this is the era where everybody creates!” – Patti Smith


To support the  “Vote Yes on DIA Millage” campaign, folks gathered on it’s doorsteps at a rally organized by Skidmore Studio – a long standing Detroit area design agency.  Well done, friends!

And since it’s “Free Friday” at the DIA for Detroit residents, I took a free stroll through it’s halls post-rally.  And I gotta say: At a time when it seems everyone in Detroit is an artist – whether you’re actually painting something, designing logos, starting a restaurant, building an app, rehabbing buildings, or cultivating urban farms – it seems uber important to preserve the grandeur of the DIA, because, I would reckon, never has one been more primed to do what they do best, here in Detroit, than after completely devouring a wall full of Dali.

A perfect art supporting Friday morning organized by Skidmore Studio, and their arty brainchild, #FAFDET.  Bravo!


And BTW: It is “Mustache Weekend” at the DIA to celebrate Salvador Dalí, whose painting—Soft Construction with Boiled Beans—is currently on view in the DIA’s exhibition Five Spanish Masterpieces.  Come donning your real one, or ladies, in an era when the mooostache has seen quite the comeback, a fake one shouldn’t be hard to find.

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