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Business Law Firm Website Review

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Here are a few of the tips I review in this video:

1. Make sure to optimize your attorney pages! Stop losing out on referral leads.
2. Focus on getting engagement and leads from your practice area pages
3. Stop distracting from your value proposition by using jarring video backgrounds or animation.
4. Watch out for accessibility issues! This is very quickly becoming a legal and compliance risk for all websites.

Hospitality & Property Management Website Review

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Here are a few of the tips I review in this video:

1. Focusing your design and copy on the customer and their needs when they visit your website.
2. Features that make it easier and more encouraging for folks to contact you – generate a lead!
3. Leveraging your images, videos, and brand firepower.

Custom Home Builder Website Reviews

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Here are a few of the tips I review in this video:

1. Optimizing these incredible, but HUGE photos to improve user experience and website speed (big SEO factor these days).
2. Getting in some CTAs. This site really overlooked asking the visitor to contact them and are often sending them off site – losing the lead opportunity.
3. Creating opportunities for visitors to get lost in the website – “go down the rabbit hole.” This is always an easy win for real estate sites because people love dreaming about that perfect luxury home.