Tattooing Client

Tattooing Client

This might seem an odd statement coming from someone that writes a lot about sales, but it’s true.

Getting New Clients is Easy, Keeping Clients Makes You Rich

I think too often we forget this.

It came and smacked me in the face as I read through an old classic–Confessions of an Advertising Man (affiliate link). If you’ve never read this book you should get a copy.

He has a chapter on How to Keep Clients that was the inspiration for this short, but important epiphany I wanted to share with you today.

In fact, I think it is so important I am going to write my own version and give it to you in an eBook soon.

Do you have any words of wisdom on keeping clients? Add them in the comments below and I’ll include (and of course give full attribution and link) in the final version.

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