Senior Living Marketing

Competition is fierce in the high end luxury senior living community space. You need a top notch digital marketing strategy to gain market shares.
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Senior Living Marketing for Top Nationwide Luxury Communities

With more and more options for luxury senior living the competition for residents has soared.

The organizations that design, develop and manage senior living communities are faced with marketing a complex and high-value product and service – a continuing care, senior living residence for an aging loved one or parent.

Educating and equipping a family member, caregiver or senior themself to make the decision to move to a senior living community is significant. Much of this decision begins online.

Kaleidico solves this problem with over 15 years of digital marketing experience, our team can step in and be your digital marketing department, complete with in-house web designers.

Take a look at this case study to see how we can bring you up to the speed of digital.

Digital Strategy

Our first step in most engagements is to step back and dig into the current strategy (or lack there of) and understand the business, its short and long-term goals, and the challenges at hand.

In this case, our luxury senior living client was expanding into new markets and needed the expertise of a lead generating digital marketing team to fill these locations. Our client looked to leverage Kaleidico’s experience as a top producing lead generation digital marketing agency.

Our discovery and analysis concluded that we needed to really zero in on the target audience to get the most from our digital marketing efforts and meanwhile preserve the elite status of this luxury brand.

Our final strategy lead to Kaleidico becoming their full-stack outsourced senior living marketing team from web design and development to PPC, SEO and content marketing to social media management and marketing.

Website Development

Kaleidico needed a main website to serve as their digital head quarters and websites for each of their communities to dominate searches and generate leads in very local markets.

In this process, there were several essential capabilities and features that the senior living communities wanted to bring online to place them on top in the luxury senior living market.  Here are just a few of the goals we were able to accomplish for them.

  • Fresh and modern WordPress website
  • Multiple ways to capture new client inquiries throughout the site
  • Showcase the facilities on each community website
  • Design & develop websites for each location
  • Design landing pages for their memory care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care locations
  • Provide strong educational and informative content related to their memory care, Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Design 12 month calendar for each community to share community events
  • Create a platform that can be easily managed and updated

The key to this web design and development project was to create a professional, and flexible platform for the generation of new residents.

Lead Generation

The second phase of this engagement was to design a digital strategy that would quickly generate new resident inquiries and capture their position as the #1 luxury senior living community.

To accomplish this Kaleidico put together an omnichannel strategy that included PPC (AdWords and Bing), SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and Facebook ads.  By leveraging Kaleidico’s full stack marketing team, this client was quickly generating online leads for all of their communities.

The lead flow continues to grow over our continuing multi-year engagement.

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