Legal Marketing for Top Ontario Law Firm

Even the largest law firms can lack a focused digital marketing strategy. New clients will check out your website. It's important that it presents excellence.
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Legal Marketing for Top Personal Injury Firm in Ontario, Canada

Even the largest of law firms often don’t have marketing departments.

In an increasingly competitive digital-first world, this can leave you at a significant disadvantage.

Kaleidico can, and regularly does, solve this problem. With over 15 years of legal marketing experience, our team can step in and be your digital marketing department.

Take a look at this case study to see how it works.

Digital Strategy

Our first step in most engagements is to step back and dig into the current strategy (or lack there of) and understand the business, its short and long-term goals, and the challenges at hand.

In this case, our 90 year old law firm was being encroached on by changes in Canadian legal marketing laws and a fresh, aggressive upstart. Our client looked across the border to leverage Kaleidico’s experience in a highly competitive Detroit personal injury market.

Our discovery and analysis came to the conclusion that we wanted a solution that challenged the challenger, but remained true to their firm’s heritage, class, and proven case results.

Our final strategy lead to Kaleidico becoming their full-stack outsourced legal marketing team from web design and development to online advertising campaigns.

Website Redesign

Kaleidico helped the law firm free themselves from a proprietary content management system (an all too common problem in the legal industry) and helped to design and build a website and content that they owned and controlled 100%.

In this process, there were several essential capabilities and features that the law firm wanted to bring online to place them back on top in the Ontario legal market. Here are just a few of the goals we were able to accomplish for them.

• Fresh and modern WordPress website
• Multiple ways to capture new client inquiries throughout the site
• Showcase of their exceptional and award-winning attorneys and staff
• Design attorney landing pages that help their lawyers develop new cases
• Provide strong educational content related to each of their practice areas
• Leverage video testimonials to demonstrate real results
• Create a platform that can be easily managed and updated

The key to this web design and development project was to create a strong, professional, and flexible platform for the generation of new cases inquiries.

Lead Generation

The second phase of this engagement was to design a digital strategy that would quickly generate new case inquiries and recapture their proper position as the #1 personal injury law firm in Ontario.

To accomplish this Kaleidico put together an omnichannel strategy that included SEO, PPC (AdWords and Bing), content marketing, video marketing, social media, and event marketing. By leveraging Kaleidico’s full stack marketing team, this client was quickly generating online leads for both the firm and their individual attorneys for the first time.

The lead flow continued to grow over this multi-year engagement. This ultimately gave this historic law firm the opportunity to develop it own in-house marketing team and continue to leverage the digital marketing program we built and trained them to continue operating.

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