Legal Marketing for Top Detroit Law Firm

Do you have an in-house marketing team but still feel like your case inquiries are falling short of expectations? We love collaborating with in-house marketing teams to help re-energize their digital strategy.
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Legal Marketing for Top Personal Injury Firm in Detroit

Does your law firm have an in-house marketing team yet your case inquiries are still falling short of expectations? We love to collaborate with in-house marketing teams to bring new life to your digital campaigns.

Kaleidico has over 15 years of legal marketing experience. Our team can step in and optimize your on-going digital marketing efforts to ramp up your case inquiries, and in most cases we cut down your ad spend budget.

Take a look at this case study to see how we cut their ad spend budget and increased their leads and engagement.

Digital Strategy

Our first step in most engagements is to step back and dig deep into the current strategy and understand the business, its short and long-term goals, and the challenges at hand.

In this case, our 3rd generation law firm had a marketing team but their efforts had become stagnant. One of the things Kaleidico prides itself in is our ability to re-energize clients in-house marketing programs with new ideas, tactics and strategy.

Our discovery session and analysis of their ad campaigns came to the conclusion that we needed to ramp up their PPC strategy and execution, as well as jumpstart their social media channels.

Lead Generation

Kaleidico restructured their Google AdWords PPC strategy and execution. The client’s expanding Google Ads budget was bringing complexity and inefficiency, not leads. Our marketing campaign helped the firm to reclaim 40% of their ad spend budget and increase the performance of the pre-existing campaigns.

The second piece of our engagement included a social media marketing campaign. Kaleidico focused on crafting an overall social media strategy, building the editorial calendar, managing its consistent execution, and designing assets to deliver engagement.

A portion of the social media strategy was to create an engaging safety tip image posting campaign on Facebook. This cause marketing campaign was an educational way change to status quo for personal injury law firms from the post accident “ambulance chaser” to a pre-accident preventer.

This limited engagement left the firm with a more focused, affordable and repeatable PPC campaign, a powerful, engaging social media campaign and more case inquiries.

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