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As your company grows or takes the occasional turn, brands can get out of sync. It’s not unusual. But it can underserve a great company.

Kaleidico’s sharpens brands. We help great companies evolve into great brands.

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Branding and Logo Design

Does something feel a little off about your brand?

Many great companies have neglected brands. Inconsistencies – in marketing campaigns, web content, sales collateral, presentations, and even signage – confuse customers and undermine exceptional products.

Kaleidico offers a flexible brand evolution process that ranges from defining to redesigning.

Brand Engagements


This engagement is for an organization whose brand is undefined, poorly documented, or just messy.

Like all of our design engagements, the Define engagement includes a careful discovery phase, creative brief, and clear strategy for maximizing the impact of your brand in the marketplace.

In this more limited engagement, we focus on putting definition to your current brand – setting up rules, establishing guidelines, and delivering practical applications and examples of your brand in action.

After this project, your brand will have the documentation and assets to achieve clarity and consistency in the marketplace.

Investment: $2,000-5,000


This engagement is for an organization whose brand needs adjusting to align with new strategies, priorities, or customers.

The Evolve engagement requires more in-depth discovery and strategy phases – primarily to determine what changes and what remains. Our creative process requires more experimentation and “rough cuts” to determine the evolutionary path we’ll take for the final design.

Following this engagement, your brand will boldly lead in complete alignment with your organization’s new strategic direction.

Investment: $5,000-10,000


This engagement is for you if your brand needs to be redefined entirely to match the success of your company or align with a strategic pivot.

In these circumstances, we recommend the Redesign engagement.

This engagement leaves no assumption unchallenged. We will very likely question core values, positioning, personality, voice, tone, and mission. Our process in these engagements is to rebuild the brand from the essential elements – potentially leaving some familiar (some hated, and maybe some loved) items behind.

Investment: $10,000+

Our Design Process

Each of our brand engagements has a very similar process, ensuring excellence at all budgets. However, each level differs significantly in three areas: the problem or problems it is designed to solve, the creative processes and tools we use to solve the brand challenge, and the spectrum of tactical use cases we address in our final hand-off of the new brand.

Our brand design process outline should give you a better feel for our process and where our brand engagements differ.

Brand Discovery

In this phase, we’re determining the state of your current brand. Do you have equity with customer, clients, and users? How are you currently positioned in your industry and against competitors? What do your employees, sales teams, marketing department, and executives perceive the brand? We will use a variety of data and tools to answer questions, like these.

All of the resulting insights will become the inputs for our Creative Brief.

Creative Brief

The Creative Brief is the cornerstone of any design project. In our brand and logo design projects, it defines the scope of the project and deliverables. This brief will document the challenges with the current brand and priorities for the new brand.

This brief is expected to be shared and approved by you and your stakeholders. It will guide the rest of the project – ensuring we stay in alignment and alerting us if we missed something.

Brand Position

After the discovery and creative brief phase, the work ahead will have clarity. This is often the point in the engagement that you have complete clarity as to which brand design package is right for your project. Does your brand need a tweak or a complete makeover?

At this juncture, we have a lot of insight into the industry, competitors, and where your brand is positioned. We’ll use all of this knowledge to inform decisions and definitions around your brand.

The strategy phase of a design project runs in parallel to the project and iterates to its final state with the delivery of the new brand.

Brand Design

The design phase is the heart of the engagement, and where our various packages diverge the most. In this phase, we are putting definition to the existing brand. This means establishing rules for typography, photography and video styles, colors, brand systems, logo guidelines, and various other elements that may be part of the brand composite.

During this phase, we will experiment, conceptualize, and iterate through our design ideations to solve the problems defined in the Creative Brief. Depending on that problem set this process will often be unique from project to project

Design Review

No design is complete until it is carefully reviewed, and we’re confident that is will proudly stand in the marketplace and accomplish the new brand objectives we outlined in the Creative Brief.

By this point in the project, our teams are typically closely aligned and deeply invested in the new brand or logo design. As a result, this is often a bit of a celebration and anxiousness to launch forward the new brand.


Our final step in our brand engagements is to hand off our work in a way that makes it easy for our clients to deploy and enforce the new brand across the organization.

Typically, depending on the scope of the engagement, these deliverables and tools include at the minimum a comprehensive Style Guide with contextual examples and all of the final assets and files, suitable for implementation in digital and print. Larger projects may include more extensive Brand Books and Strategy documentation.

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