Internal Politics Sales Objections

How to Handle Internal Politics Sales Objections

In sales, it’s tough enough handling prospects’ objections directly related to your company’s offerings. But what if the objection stems from their internal company politics over which you have no control? Following are five common sales objections of this type, and some sales tips in the form of suggested responses:

1. “Our current supplier is the president’s brother-in-law.”

“No offense to the in-law, but management often assumes that because their supplier-rep is a relative, they’re automatically receiving the best discounts, when in fact the opposite is true: The relative figures he’s got an unquestioning cash cow for life. Let me work up a comparison sheet, so that both you AND your president can gauge who’s really coming out ahead here.”

2. “This isn’t the right climate to introduce any changes now.”

“If you introduce a solution that works better for the company and reduces costs, those are the kind of changes virtually every company’s looking to make nowadays. And, by proactively seeking ways to increase your company’s ROI, you’ll be recognized as an effective contributor to the team.”

3. “I’m not the decision-maker, but I can present this to my boss, who in turn would have to present it to his boss.”

“Sure, but let me make a suggestion that may be more efficient for you: How about if we set up a conference-call so that I can address everybody’s questions and concerns? I’ve found that when a few heads get together, it really leads to a more productive and informative session, rather than having to go back and forth.”

4. “The CEO is very conservative, and wants to stick with established, big-name companies.”

“You may need to remind him that much of what he’s paying for is the big name itself and, of course, their big advertising. In fact, nowadays the most conservative tactic often involves exploring smarter alternative solutions.”

5. “We have a long-term relationship with our current vendor.”

“If most of the value is in the emotional benefit of the relationship, rather than in the product itself, then it’s not much value to the company in practical terms. Consider the real advantages you’re getting: More product for fewer dollars? Better quality? If your current vendor really has your best interests at heart, he’s giving you more than just the ‘feel-good’ factor. I’ll be happy to work up a cost-comparison sheet so you can objectively compare apples to apples.”

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