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Social Media Monitoring is a vital addition to our already web-comprehensive marketing assistance we provide.

Eavesdropper Social Media Monitoring

Also known as blog mining, buzz monitoring and social media research, Social Media Monitoring is the analysis based on understanding the discourse of the web, most especially social media.

This service involves the use of automated tools in order to process that discourse, usually scanning over hundreds and thousands of online conversations. It can either be passive, as to discovering what interests most of the online audiences; or active, searching for references when it comes to a particular campaign.

Social Media Monitoring is an online service, which helps keep social media entrepreneurs up-to-date with their market audience. This involves popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.  A social media marketing tool is used to analyze followers, hash tags, retweets, connections and recommendations within the audience, giving a complete study of a brand’s influence strength.

This way, online businesses will be able to better their strategies and improve on their promotional materials, given this information. The analysis is divided in three factors:

  1. Counts. This is the simplest form of examining web discussion, which counts how often keywords or specific terms occur. This data is cleansed by the social media monitoring tool to give a credible number which can be functional for the business.
  2. Trends. Perceived as an extension of Counts, this aspect sees if the term is becoming popular or less used. It also sees opportunities for these terms to be linked on other phenomena, wherein brands can identify and associated themselves with during campaigns. This factor is one of the vital key components in online reputation management.
  3. Sentiment analysis takes on the audience’s emotions concerning a product or service. This counts how many times the keywords have been used to express one’s view in a positive or a negative way.

For any online brand, the use of Social Media Monitoring is clearly essential. This gives a distinct picture of how one’s business actually influences users all over the Internet. Get to know more about social media monitoring with Kaleidico.

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