Why Good Sales People Write

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As sales folks we pride ourselves in improv and our quick minds, but there is something to be said for polish. Writing is one of the ways I polish my sales delivery. (Writing for lead generation a whole different post, today I'll focus on writing sales scripts to improve your sales process) With READ MORE

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Objections

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Sales objections are a fact of sales. You can't avoid them so you might as well embrace and pivot them to your advantage. Objections can actually be a great way to better explain your product and better understand what will it will take to get your prospect to buy. Here are 5 sales tips to help READ MORE

Are You Missing Sales Tips?

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Are you missing sales tips that can increase your sales this month? I have literally written hundreds of articles on specific actionable ways to increase your sales. Certainly, they will not all be new, helpful, or relevant to your sales process and targets. However, I guarantee that many of them READ MORE