How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Sales

Social Media & Sales Fuel

Really social media isn’t so different from the skills you use daily to sell. The anxiety comes with learning to use those skills in a new environment. For many of us in sales, technology beyond our cell phones and email is a bit intimidating. However, if you straight arm social media you are giving READ MORE

7 Reasons Social Media is for Sales Too - Social Selling

So, you’ve finally heard enough about social media. You’re to the point you actually think you might be missing something. You might even be hearing whisperings around the sales floor that this might be some of the top producers’ secret weapon to grab a few extra wins every month. I’m glad you took READ MORE

Warning: Too Many Friends Can Reduce Sales - Too Many (Social Media) Friends

Is it possible for a huge database of contacts or thousands of friends or followers to actually reduce your sales output? Yes! This isn’t another rant on quality over quantity in lead generation. Or a diatribe on how critical lead management is to sales. It’s an important sales discussion about READ MORE

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