6 Truths About Social Media Monitoring

Image by jypsygen via Flickr Lately, social media monitoring software has been the darling. Everyone thinks they need to be monitoring their buzz, measuring their sentiment, analyzing every little tweet, post, and comment. But are we, in the social media monitoring business, missing the point? READ MORE

Competitive Intelligence 2.0, The Social Media Monitoring Advantage

Competitive intelligence 2.0 is just the latest benefactor of Web 2.0 technology. As with other genres tagging on the 2.0 moniker competitive intelligence is getting a face-lift because of this open and interoperable tech philosophy. Your opportunity is to take advantage of the advantage before your READ MORE

Sometimes You Get to Do Something Really Important…

Image by wmrice via Flickr Most of us spend every day doing things that we think are really important. We go to meetings, we try to hit our sales numbers, we analyze our reports, we try to make it home in time to have dinner with the family. However, occasionally you get to actually do something READ MORE

Do You Prefer Buffet or Sit-down?

In the real time web world, currently there are two main choices for feed consumers – RSSCloud and Pubsubhubbub (PuSH). You can liken RSSCloud to a buffet for feeds and PuSH to a sit-down dinner. The hubs processing the feeds are the waiters taking your order – “Do you prefer READ MORE

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