6 Truths About Social Media Monitoring

Image by jypsygen via Flickr Lately, social media monitoring software has been the darling. Everyone thinks they need to be monitoring their buzz, measuring their sentiment, analyzing every little tweet, post, and comment. But are we, in the social media monitoring business, missing the point? READ MORE

Do You Prefer Buffet or Sit-down?

In the real time web world, currently there are two main choices for feed consumers – RSSCloud and Pubsubhubbub (PuSH). You can liken RSSCloud to a buffet for feeds and PuSH to a sit-down dinner. The hubs processing the feeds are the waiters taking your order – “Do you prefer READ MORE

Social Media Marketing for Political Campaigns

Image by New England Secession via Flickr This is a train that is gathering a lot of steam lately—social media marketing for political campaigns. From Obama to Brown, we have seen both major parties use it well. However, it’s a unique social media marketing challenge. Applying READ MORE