5 Secrets to Regaining Trust and Building Credibility Online (Mortgage and Real Estate)

finance trust credibility

There have been, and may continue to be a lot of financial markets fireworks. With all of the commentary and punditry attempting to make sense of this complex spaghetti of acronyms (i.e., ARM, FDIC, MBS, CDO, CDS, TARP) and players (i.e., IndyMac, Lehman, Treasury, Fed, G7) there has been one READ MORE

Surviving the Mortgage Implosion-How am I Doing?

Sorry for the public show of pride, but it is cool to rise to the top... My Surviving the Mortgage Implosion presentation, a talk I gave back in 2007 (ancient mortgage meltdown history) at TargusInfo's Online Lead Quality Summit made the frontpage of SlideShare.net! What do you think? Monday READ MORE

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