Here is a Quick Way to Own Your Local Mortgage Market

Are you still fighting against using the Internet in your mortgage marketing plan? That stubbornness is most likely losing you new opportunities and even worse past clients. The facts are clear, up to 75% of borrowers go online to research their mortgage. And the current market, rate, and home value READ MORE

Build Your Mortgage Marketing on Financial Education

As the market tightens and credit standards make it more difficult for borrowers to qualify your marketing needs to be fine tuned. This is no longer the days of everyone needs to refinance their mortgages for lower rates and better payments. This is a market centered around avoiding payment shocks, READ MORE

Is the Internet Important to Your Local Real Estate or Mortgage Business?

Is the Internet important to your local real estate or mortgage business? Apparently, the answer is a big--YES! I know I already hear the comments: "Bill, all my business is referral business." "Internet leads suck!" "People on the Internet are only window shopping. They never buy READ MORE