Best Practices in Lead Generation

There is a fray a foot on Lead Critic! One of Lead Critic's guest authors unearthed a messy little co-registration on steroids mortgage lead generation application. Is this a good or bad practice? Do you have an opinion or thoughts? Lead providers, lenders, lead buyers, lead sellers, affiliates, READ MORE

Looking for Exclusive Internet Leads?

Are you one of those loan officers that have sworn off buying Internet leads because you have to compete with other lenders for the borrowers attention and business? Well, now may be the time to reassess that position. An interesting lead market analysis by Lead Critic shows that while searches for READ MORE

Improve Internet Lead Buying and Conversion

Internet leads can be a frustrating discussion for many in the mortgage business. It is almost a love/hate discussion. We know so many prospective borrowers are starting here (upwards of 70%), but most have not been successful in consistently buying and converting them. I contend the problem is one READ MORE