Big Things to Come from Mortgage Adversity

Harvey Mackay reminds us that the best education comes from adversity. He cites many notable people who have pushed through grand adversity to reach notability and significant achievement. One of my favorite historical figures and notable repeat early failure, Abraham Lincoln, gives us the secret to READ MORE

Surviving the Mortgage Implosion Presentation

I am polishing up my presentation for the TargusInfo Online Lead Quality Summit and I nearly forgot my most valuable resource in preparing my thoughts--My Readers! The topic: Surviving the Mortgage (Subprime) Implosion The teaser: "Online lead generators and buyers in the mortgage space learn how READ MORE

Could Credit Crunch Accelerate Borrower ARM Refinancing?

What does the mortgage credit crunch have to do with mortgage borrower behavior? A lot! Well, maybe not as much the actual credit crunch as the hype and exuberance that it has generated. Most borrowers have no idea what a credit crunch is or why mortgage companies are imploding, but they do know READ MORE

Your Competitive Advantage is measured in Inches

When I was at Quicken Loans one of my favorite of the ISMs, which made up our corporate DNA, was "The inches we need are everywhere around us." So, it struck me today when Seth Godin, another really successful guy reveals the same conclusion about making clients fanatical about your company and READ MORE