Announcing Leads2007, The Event of 2007!

A unique, new event to the lead buying and selling marketplace--Leads2007. When asked to explain the event I am describing it as an "on-demand" "unconference." On-Demand Delivering instant gratification and immediacy of use based on you creating and participating directly in the agenda of the READ MORE

Surviving the Mortgage Implosion

Todd Carpenter at Lenderama has a great post about perspective in the current mortgage market. Do some deep breathing, get focused, get intense, and analyze the data: Most homeowners in today's market have had a 7% or maybe even an 8%+ loan in their past, and I'm not talking twenty years ago READ MORE

Visit with ZipSearch!

Buying leads can be a confusing and complicated decision with various lead providers and a broad range of quality and integrity. We view, and protect, our position as a trusted advisor in this part of our value proposition. Therefore, as you know Kaleidico spends a significant amount of time READ MORE

Better Closer Blog Featured in Enterprise Notebook

They asked Kaleidico to talk about the importance of corporate blogging. I think the most important, and most often missed, theme in this article is that blogs should be about YOU, my customers and engaging YOU in conversation about things that make YOUR business more successful. What would you READ MORE