Internet Lead Workflows | Pipeline Management | Part 3

One of our enthusiastic clients implemented the call back workflows we discussed last week in icoSales', using our sales force automation, and brought us to a perfect example of why these lead workflow concepts need to work together. If you do not implement pipeline management in conjunction with READ MORE

Internet Lead Workflows | Call Back Periods | Part 2

If you have ever seen radar or sonar work, or read a Tom Clancy novel you have a great analogy for understanding the first component in developing your Internet Lead Workflows--Call Back Periods. The purpose of radar or sonar is to locate an object by continually sweeping a general area where you READ MORE

HOW-TO Develop Internet Lead Workflows | Part 1

Jason Stoffer just gave me a perfect introductory question Calling Internet Leads: How Often, How Much? to start my new series on HOW-TO Develop Effective Internet Lead Workflows.I agree with Jason's current conclusion that there is no "holy grail answer" to the question because "each company, READ MORE

Lead Management and Fair Lending

Could your current lead management techniques be putting you into Fair Lending (Fair Housing Act) harms way or promotes Redlining? Are you are feeding list of leads and leaving it to the loan officer to pick and chose who they call? Even worse do you allow them to preview and select leads based on READ MORE

Why Consider a Lead Provider v Lead Exchange?

You know I like to be fair and balanced and let the readers make the final decision--you had to know this was coming. The last post was so compelling why wouldn't you buy all your leads from a lead exchange, like LeadPoint or RootExchange? Well the biggest reason is that it has not become a READ MORE