How To Organize a Salesforce

If you are already a Kaleidico icoSales client you have heard a lot about organizing your salesforce into contact teams and closing teams and using our unique "hot transfer" functionality. If you have implemented our recommendations you have seen your contact rates soar and production volumes READ MORE

Create Your Mortgage Sales Playbook

Did you ever play football or have you at least seen the concept of a playbook? It is a simple concept and very necessary in mastering a complex, fast paced, explosive sport. You line up against your opponent and have seconds to see, assess, and make adjustments. This three step process and your READ MORE

Podcast with Top Mortgage Originators

The market is tightening and we are all looking for new or old creative ideas to attract new clients and get old ones to return. Morgan Brown, author of the Blown Mortgage Blog is starting a Podcast featuring top mortgage originators discussing their formulas for success.Morgan has already provided READ MORE

Evaluating Internet Lead Providers

As you can tell by our launch of Lead and our Internet Lead Buying Checklist, becoming educated about lead buying and Internet lead generation is becoming a priority to many mortgage lenders in this tightening market.Here is another good resource on evaluating Internet lead providers READ MORE

Competing on Rate Makes You a Loser

First to avoid any confusion--I am not advocating gouging your clients; I am advocating you not competing against our not so scrupulous "bait 'n switch" brethren. You know, the ones that give your prospects good faith estimates "assuming" 720+ credit, big income, six month reserves, 15 day rate READ MORE