Lead Nurturing and Bite-Size Content

Our consumers are changing. Here are a couple of the things they don't do any more: Use the Yellow Pages to find your business Walk into your office off the street Tell their friends about you or your great service over coffee Call you when they need your product or service Call you back Here READ MORE

Internet Sales is a Contact Sport

As most of you already know, Internet Sales is definitely a contact sport. Consumers go to the Internet for the convenience. They are trading a little bit of personal information for the convenience of not having to wait on hold at multiple lenders 800 number just to see if they are qualified or you READ MORE

Lead Buying Discussions and News

I don't want to duplicate my postings, but the lead provider and lead buying market has a lot of interesting things going on that are important to sales. Here are a few items to check-out: Getting More From Your Leads Is Leads360 Following the Leader? Pondering the Effects of the Subprime Crash READ MORE

50 Great Sales Tips

Sorry it has been a bit quite here on Better Closer. I have been a bit occupied responding to a surge in understanding of the critical importance of effective lead management to your organization's sales performance and marketing ROI. This has increased the demand for Kaleidico's unique brand of READ MORE

Mortgage Market Meets the Internet | Wake-Up!

Morinsight is doing an interesting series on how the mortgage market, combined with technology is going to need to evolve to meet a changing Internet Consumer: Ramblings About Mortgage, Technology, and the Internet Consumer. Part 1... Ramblings About Mortgage, Technology, and the Internet READ MORE