Mostly Failing with “Always Be Closing”

The mantra, "always be closing," is a familar tune chanted by many a sales person. In fact, the concept is even embedded in the name of this blog. Why? Because that is the silver bullet everyone is searching for and I don't think many people would come to a blog called Better Relationships for sales READ MORE

Can 1 Be Your Difference?

Can that 1 degree of extra intensity, that 1 percent of extra effort, that 1 second of extra time be your difference between mediocre, even good, and GREAT! Watch 212 The Extra Degree and you will be certain of it! I talk a lot about focus and discipline on Better Closer. Those are the skills READ MORE

Know Your Market, Know Your Products

I don't think anyone disputes that we are now in a different mortgage market. So, what is the plan? In the re-finance heyday markets and products were moot. Everyone was in the wrong product for a rate tumbling market and any product that had adjustable in the name left the borrower better than READ MORE

It’s 2007, Do You Have a Plan?

We have drifted into the third week of January--do you have a plan yet? Do you know where you are going? If not, get one this week! After all, if you don't know where you are going you certainly won't get there. Here are a couple of ideas to get your started: Re-version yourself Challenge READ MORE

Return Every Call

How much time does it take to return a call or email? How much do those little 5 minute demonstrations of courtesy and attention yield in sales? It is amazing the sense of trust and respect I harbor for a contact or relationship that gives me this courtesy. No one, no one answers their phone READ MORE