icoSales User Group

Want to be a part of creating the best sales propelling system on the market? Want to get the tips and tricks to maximizing your sales velocity and performance with icoSales? Join the Kaleidico's icoSales user group and discuss the latest sales techniques with top sales professionals and interact READ MORE

Don’t You Hope the Problem is You?

I was talking to a mentor the other day about Sales Whining. It seeps in and can be a cancer on the whole team. Here was his advice. There are only 3 things you need to evaluate if your sales are struggling: Is there is a market for my product? Is there is a product the market will buy? Is the READ MORE

Looking for a Fast Nickel or a Slow Quarter?

Mick Bradley writes a nice article: Looking for a Fast Nickel or a Slow Quarter? Unfortunately, it seems we forget sales is about hard work and building a foundation for success--not the quick buck. As Mick's article highlights, the fast nickel runs in short and fleeting cycles whereas hard work READ MORE

Give Value First–The Jeffrey Gitomer Way

I was in Vegas this week for the Western Regional Mortgage Broker show and got the opportunity to meet and talk to Jeffrey Gitomer for the first time. He has been a major influencer of my sales philosophy and how these principles are applied to my company's customer acquisition (lead management) READ MORE