Sales Needs Less Leads? Only If You Can’t Manage Them

Articles like this--Three Reasons Why Sales Needs Fewer Leads--drives me crazy! It also demonstrates why you shouldn't look to CRM for a customer acquisition solution. They just don't get it. There is talk about giving sales less leads because somehow less means better???Take for instance this READ MORE

5 Instant Rapport Builders–4 Min Rapport Pitch

Did you know reporter and rapport have the same Old French word origin, "to bring back?" I came across this by accident as I was making sure I correctly spelled rapport (not repoire, which is not a word, but remains a frequent search term to my blog). I think this origin is important to building READ MORE

Be Referable

I just received my latest weekly edition of Sales Caffeine from Jeffrey Gitomer. A quick side note: if you have not subscribed to this free ezine (Go subscribe now!) or read one or more of Jeffrey Gitomer's books (Go buy one now--I recommend starting with the Little Red Book of Selling) you are READ MORE

Assess Rejection, Then Move On

Business-to-consumer call center sales will include rejection, but your attitude and your constant drive to improve will give you success. When you are rejected ask why, learn, then press forward. Landing The Deal Blog talks about accepting rejection: "Selling, like baseball, is a numbers game READ MORE

Mission Effective Sales Management Tool

My neighbor, a recently retired F-15 pilot, and I were reminiscing about flying in the Air Force. It was amazing, as we talked, all of little nuances, techniques, and efficiencies that are standardized in high performance flying. These are the things that made us sharp, precise, and mission READ MORE