Lead Quality Doesn’t Matter

I get a lot of questions about lead quality. You want my opinion? It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. What does matter is understanding what you are getting. If I am getting leads originated from public records, trigger files, "get a free ipod" emails, affilitate pop ups, or Wall READ MORE

Lead with the “No Shits”

I was talking to a very wise and successful mentor the other day about sales processes and he imparted a very interesting and effective strategy--the no shits methodology. Think for a minute about your own sales script or process. How many times do you jump right out at your prospect with your key READ MORE

Buying Leads without Lead Management is Foolish

Is it a good idea to start buying leads without determining how you and your sales force might manage them? Let's do the math on how big the problem might get in 30 days and then answer that question. Are you confident you or any one of your sales professionals can manage a 145 and quickly READ MORE

Great Question!

One of the Brokers over at brokeroutpost.com asked a great question that bares repeating: "What sites, blogs, and newsletters should I read to stay informed and improve?" Here are my thoughts: I think it is more important to know why you are reading than necessarily what sources you use so I will READ MORE

Do You Talk Too Much?

This is a great newsletter from Frank Rumbauskas: "The KISS Test" I can't tell you the number of times that I have heard young sales people so wedded to the "sure fire sales script" that they talked themselves out of a deal. This is particularly dangerous when dealing with purchased mortgage READ MORE