Tip that is Guaranteed to Close More Deals

Your product or service is great. There is no question in your mind, otherwise you wouldn't be selling it. Unfortunately, when we are this passionate about our product we sell it to ourselves. We use the points in our pitch that WE would want, that WE find valuable, or that WE find READ MORE

CRM v. Customer Acquisition Management

When I introduce the concept of lead management to people the first response I often get is, "isn't that what my CRM software does?" Well, let's ask a few questions and find out: Marketing is hard at work generating leads. Does your CRM solution receive those customer inquiries as soon as the READ MORE

Push v. Pull Lead Management Methodology

Jeff Solomon, CEO of our competitor Leads360, has an interesting post on push v. pull methodology of lead management. Since our system is a "pull" system I thought I would share why we elected for this methodology and have shown through client successes that it directly affects conversion READ MORE

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