Connecting Marketing and Sales

Brian Carroll comments on a critical tenants of effective customer acquisition--bridging the marketing to sales gap, an opportunity on which the vision for Kaleidico and ultimately our product icoSales was formed upon. This is a brief review of how icoSales attempts to efficiently READ MORE

High Velocity Sales

You have heard me say this before, but it is important to repeat--The Internet is a two-way communication channel! That means you sales process needs to change if you are used to relationship/referral sales or inbound call sales. Not that these are not critical components, they just have a differnet READ MORE

Creating Intensity–Do It Daily!

High Velocity Sales requires intensity--every day! When you are driving an inside or telephone sales team you need create intensity. Intensity comes from goals, motivation, and confidence. Make sure your sales team members have very specific goals. What are you going to achieve today, this week, READ MORE

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