Reports Don’t Convert

Although metrics and analytics are critical to the continual improvement of any business process, it does not ensure what you have learned will get implemented. This can be a critical disconnect in high velocity business process. One example of this is online media buying. These purchases are made READ MORE

Start Your Sales Day Yesterday

It's the end of the day and your competitors are dashing to the door. Want an edge on those guys? Try my 30 minute wrap-up. This is guaranteed that is sure to blast you off to a head start every morning: Write down and post your top 3 objections of the day Write down and post your response and READ MORE

Contacts Create Sales

Ever close a deal when you didn’t call your leads sheets, return your calls, or make your scheduled appointments. Absolutely not, because closing is about contact rate and contact rate is about diligently, consistently, and recurrently calling on your leads. This seems intuitive, but once you READ MORE

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